Living my Blessed Life

Annual Women's Collaborative Prevention Conference Retreat

funded by DWMHA-Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

-Maya Angelou

Annual Women's Collaborative Prevention  Conference & Retreat
Sept 28-29, 2019
Doubletree Hotel
5801 Southfield Fwy, Detroit, MI 48228
Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators as they inspire you to FINISH STRONG in whatever you pursue in life! 


This invitation is for you, and we are delighted to send it. The C.L.A.S.S. Program and it's Collaborative Partners welcomes you to register for our Annual  Women's Collaborative Preventive Conference & Retreat "Living My Blessed Life”. We’re thrilled about this gathering for women in the Wayne County Area. 

Non-Refundable /Non-Exchangeable Donation/ Registration fee: $40   Registration will end on August 18th or earlier if spaces are full.  THIS EVENT IS NOT FREE IT IS $40. Please only select two workshops and the "Reserve my space" button.  ALL REGISTRANTS MUST SELECT "RESERVE MY SPACE" button and pay $40 (CLICK REGISTER)  for the retreat. If you select more than two workshops we will choose two from your selection. IF YOU DO NOT PAY $40 YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED TO PARTICIPATE. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Admission also includes one unwrapped new baby item/outfit with you to the conference to be donated to Mothers And Unborn Baby Care, Inc.   If you bring 5 or more new baby items, your name will be placed in a Special Raffle for the grand prize drawing! REGISTER NOW! LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!  

Presented by: CLASS-Changing Lives And Staying Sober, Peoples Community Services, Community Care Services; Greater Mount Tabor Baptist Church, Blessed Trinity and Full & Fabulous .

C.L.A.S.S. Board of Directors

Leslie Kilgore, President

Audrey Moore, Finance

Dr. Karla Mitchell, Executive Director

Sheranda McAfee, Event Chairman

Carolyn Anderson, Founder and Director Emeritus



Conference Agency Partners

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Our Speakers & Workshops

Change is constant, but that doesn't make it easy. Draw on these 

dynamic workshops facilitated by speakers who inspire, educate and empower you to LIVE YOUR BLESSED  LIFE and keep you on the right path. 

Second Wind
Pamela Morgan
From Beginning to End
Michael Morgan
Injury Repair
 Robert A. & LA Bonds
Winning In Relationships
Sabrina Jackson
Conference Keynote
Carolyn Anderson
Founder & Director Emeritus

Dr. Karla Mitchell

Executive Director

Gwendolyn Pettway

The Blessing of Self Empowerment

  • Compassion and Self

  • Healing the Hurt Within

  • Reinforcing Self Validation

  • Characteristics of Self-Empowerment

Michael Morgan


  • Knowing I'm Blessed

  • Appreciating Being Blessed

  • Now That I'm Blessed, How do I Live?

Lynn Turks

Solid Ground or Sinking Sand

  • Why do I keep doing what I hate?

  • Discover what powers your self defeating actions/reactions

  • Learn the steps that will break chains to set you free

Vanessa Holsey

I got to "fight" to remain blessed

What does it take to live a blessed life?

Lanay Brown

Keynote Speaker

Join us on Sunday Morning to hear this dynamic speaker.

Pamela Morgan

Blessed...In the Midst of the Battle

  • Choose your weapons carefully

  • Keep your clothes on in spite of the heat

  • Watch out for Battle Fatigue

Emmet Mitchell

The Relationship Cycle

  • Relationship between Father/Daughter

  • Relationship between Mother/ Son

  • Women relationship with the opposite sex.




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